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The winner is the time spent on fishing. Each carrier goes to the water with the hope that today he will be able to catch the trophy catch. The goal of Romada Plius is to help in this ideal, so that every trip to fishing is pleasant to spend your free time. Fishing without proper equipment, proper clothing, reliable equipment today is inexpedient, therefore, working with anglers, we are striving to find everything that is necessary for fishing to come to us.

Our stores “Meškeriokim kartu” (Klaipeda, Naujoji Porto St. 18) have only the best names in Japanese, German, English and Finnish companies with whom we have direct contacts. Most of them are not exclusive, but the most innovative, reflecting the latest achievements in fisheries, for example, in 2017. Gummifer with UV effect is presented to us earlier than elsewhere. This example demonstrates that we closely follow the market for fishing tackle and accessories and allow our fishermen to check all innovations. Association Meškeriokim together expert, to which you can contact by e-mail – or Facebook info@romadaplius.lt UAB Romada Plus – you will answer all your questions.

We invite you to visit us or on our website.

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