Engine Hidea HDF2.5 Four-Stroke Gasoline




Hidea – this international engine manufacturing company was established in 2008. China is the place of production. The first year was dedicated to the implementation and improvement of production processes. Since 2010, the company has been joined by a representative of the world-wide company Japanese company “Suzuki” and a decision was made to abandon the implementation of experimental details. The company started using only parts of engines produced in Japan, Germany, Sweden and Taiwan. It focused only on the assembly of engines – the mechanisms of the world’s best manufacturers and the reliable assembly – this is the company’s credo. With this aim in mind, in recent years, it has built a new engine assembly plant with the most up-to-date automated engine assembly that virtually eliminates the human factor and eliminates assembly errors. According to the factory, no such competitor has such modern equipment. This has already been appreciated by US and European consumers. These countries are the main market for Hidea engine sales.
Very simply, these engines can be described as follows: after removing the bonnet you will see the same original parts that are common to Japanese engines, and as a result of the enormous production volume and complete process automation achieved by the factory, we will pay about 20% less than buying old brand engines.
Advantages of four-stroke engines: motors generate much higher torque, especially at low revs, consuming much less fuel and slowing down due to better lubrication. Of course, the sound of the four-stroke engines is much louder and lower. The engine is compact, with reduced noise.
Four-stroke engine
Power: 2.5AG / 1.80kW
Maximum speed: 5250-5750rpm
Engine Oil: API SF, SG, SH, SJ, SL or SM FCW 10W-30/40
Combustion system: TCI
Speed ​​control: handle
Gear shift: F-N
Cooling System: Water
Starting system: Handbag
Integrated 1l fuel tank
Length x Width x Height (mm): 623 x 345 x 1021mm
Number of cylinders: 1
High-quality aluminum and galvanized water drainage areas are used for corrosion protection
Weight: 17kg
Warranty: 24m

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