Spinnerbaits yra klasikinis lydekos masalas. Žinoma, blizgė sudomins ir kitus plėšrūnus. Metalinė arka papildomai sumažina masalo įsipainiojimą žvejojant augalinėse vietose. Ypatingos savybės: UV spinduliams aktyvios spalvos.

Classic Spinnerbait This Classic-Spinnerbait is an absolute all around shiny bait. Equipped with a large spinning propeller-blade, which causes enormous pressure and vibration in the water. The metal arch additionally reduces the amount of bait entanglement when fishing in vegetated areas. The color combinations range from shocking colors such as the Fire tiger to the more modest colors such as blue and white, with which the more careful fish can be outsmarted. Special Features: UV-active colors Strong stimulation effect High-quality, sturdy hooks Flexible rubber fringes Reduced snagging in vegetation High vibration spinner blades



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