JRC Cocoon 2-dalių karpių žūklės komplektas: meškerė, ritė ir dėklas -3,90m/ 13 pėdų / 3,50 LBS

Tobulas rinkinys Karpių žvejybai Garios Anglų firmos JRC

Meškerė JRC CARP CoCoon 13ft/3.90m 3.5LB
Plonas didelio modulio 30T anglies natūralios anglies kotas
Pusiau parabolinis veikimas
Pintam valui atsparūs SIC žiedai (5 + 1)
Pilna „duplon“ rankena su stilingai padegtu langu

Ritė „MITCHELL 7000 Black Edition“
Tobulas valo suvyniojimas, ant aukšo būgenlio,
4 + 1 rutuliniai guoliai
Patogi medinės rankenos rankenėlė
Aliuminio rankena vienu paspaudimu, sulankstoma per sekundės dalį

JRC CoCoon Dėklas

Patvari ir vandeniui atspari 500D žalia poliesterio konstrukcija
Pilnai paminkštintas apsaugoti meškerę ir ritę
Tvirtas užtrauktukas, galima neštis per petį ant nugaros, padeda išvengti valo įstrigimo į užtrauktuką


This quality bundle features a rod, a reel and a full-length rod sleeve in a package that delivers great value for money.

There are three options to choose from, depending on the type of JRC Cocoon rod you want.

The 12ft 3lb-test-curve model and 13ft 3.5-test-curve rod are both two piece, but there’s another 12-footer with a 3lb test curve which breaks down into three pieces.

These rods feature a high-modulus 30-ton carbon blank a progressive through action. All three of the blanks are adorned with SIC guides, black whipping and black anodised butt caps and collars.

The rods look great and perform just as well

The full-Duplon handles look great and the 3lb-test-curve version we tested performed very well on the bank.

It is balanced perfectly with the Mitchell Avocast 7000FD reel that comes as part of the bundle. These are good-looking reels, boasting a narrow body that echoes classic Mitchells of old, with plenty of features.

The reel is the star of the show

The winding mechanism feels smooth and strong, with four internal ball bearings and an extra one in the line roller.

The push-button folding handle is simple to use and a handy feature when stowing your gear or using snug buzzer bars.

The reel is very sleek and has a great folding handle

The anti-reverse switch at the rear is chunky and easy to find by feel, as is the three-pronged drag cap, making the reel a doddle to use in panicked moments or in the dark.

The front drag goes from locked up to free running very quickly, so it’s easy to adjust as you hit into a fish, and the whole reel feels robust and well made.

If you opt for the three-piece rod, the reel supplied is the sister model, the 7000FS, which is a freespool version that’s just as tough and as good to use.

Those qualities carry over into the JRC rod sleeve, which is definitely not a cheap after-thought.

The rod sleeve is neatly designed and very tough

The zip is chunky and smooth (and positioned on the back to avoid snagging your line), the internal padding is reassuringly thick and forgiving, while the hard-wearing, water-resistant 500D polyester outer is tough enough for plenty of bankside abuse.

Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm