Ilgis 3.60m, užmetimas iki 120g, 3+3 dalys, transportavimo ilgis 124cm, svoris 275g

Ilgis 3.90m, užmetimas iki 120g, 3+3 dalys, transportavimo ilgis 135cm, svoris 311g

* Fast action * Hard spine combined with a soft tip * High quality rings * Longer and higher quality cork handle with EVA components for long casts * FSP Fast – Sensitive – Powerful full carbon blank * Includes 3 Feeder-tips in various types (1 x Carbon, 2 x Fiberglass) The fact that method feeders are the new trend is no longer a secret. As opposed to „Short-Distance-Fishing“, this rod has been developed so that flat baskets of up to 120 g. may be cast long distances without any problems. The CT Carbon-Technology-Blank makes fish retrievals truly enjoyable, without concerns about tearing the fish`s mouth. The parabolic action absorbs the shock created by large whitefish and carp attempting to flee.



Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm

3.60m, 3.90m