XMG-1000 Multidirectional: The basis of the XMG 1000 technology lies in the use of an extremely high amount of fiber content which is arranged in the unidirectional carbon knitted fabric. This makes it possible, in comparison to the standardized carbon fiber matting, to achieve a nearly 100% utilization of the fiber properties. Hence resulting in extremely light angling rods with enormous stability. In addition, biaxial ordered fiberglass is incorporated through the application of low viscosity epoxy resins. The result: Light, resilient angling rods with high stability and a large amount of reserve strength for a penetrating impact and total control in execution. Vertical 30 – 60 g Perfect for sensitive leading of soft plastic fish, plugs, or small jerkbait. Truly a dream! Perfectly geared to vertical baits, as well as for natural baits and the modern Drop-Shot systems.

Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm