Red Rocket Limited Edition (incl. Cordura Carrying Case) AUWA August Walter Thiemann – Moderator of the successful TV-Angling Show FISH `n FUN by DMAX AUWA, born in 1950, and as a young and bright little boy at the age of 5 borrowed nylon and a sewing needle from his mothers fine curtain. With this equipment, he went after carp which, was not allowed in a nearby health resort. From this time on, he was infected with „fishing fever“ and no mud hole in Westfalen was safe. Perch, eel, carp, trout, zander and pike had to look out for AUWA. From pole fishing to the hunting down of lake trout, cod, flatfish, or gar – he had to try out every type of fishing imagineable. Decades later, he had to follow in the footsteps of Hemingway, and so ventured out on the great waves of the ocean, in pursuit of sailfish, marlin, and the like. His greatest passion, however, was angling with Sbirolinos in trout waters. AUWA together with the product development team from JENZI, developed a dream for every Sbirolino angler: Not only is the design totally unique! The innovation lies in the taper construction of the blanks that puts this rod on the highest limit of Sbirolino performance. A sensitive tip with a specially designed spine gives the rod top acceleration for extremely long casts. The specially designed material geometric uniquely created for the RED ROCKET gives it a radical thrust. The result: A light rod construction with great timing for unusual high casting comfort. Precision placement of any type of bait, exception line-feel, and the ability to detect bites throughout the entire construction, are the highly positive aspects of this very special rod. -Unusually light -Original SIC-Guides -Design Guide-Wrapping -Limited Edition -Cordura Carrying Case

Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm