Black Slash Pro Spin – As the name suggests, an extremely fast, lightweight, and rugged spin-rod for the ambitious angler. Perfect bait presentation, sensitive bite detection, and exact retrievals are made possible due to the integrated 2-piece Fuji reel-holder. The direct blank contact allows you to feel the action of the bait as well as the most subtle of predatory fish attacks. The strong spine provides for extremely long casts and successful hook sets with large lunkers. The sensitive tip-action provides for an exciting fight and hours of tireless fishing. The thin flat-black blank as well as the simple design rounds out the „Black Slash Pro Spin“. HTX – Graphite Construction FUJI Lightweight Reel-holder Exact bait contact while angling Ultra-lite blank Sensitive tip Measured length handle High-sealed extremely slender blank Fast spine

Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm