Ilgis 2.10 m, užmetimo svoris 30-65g, transport. ilgis 110cm, 2 dalys, svoris 187g

Handmade – noble Japanese design – ultra light carbon blank Medium Light & Medium Heavy Two excellent 2-piece baitcasting rods in 2,10 m length with modern premium grip in camouflage optic. The difference between the two rods is simply the choice of casting weights. The MIYAKO BC Medium Light was developed for baits in the 20-45 g range. The MIYAKO Heavy is built for 30-65 g baits. These two rods cover the entire range of all around jerk-baits. Another special feature is the soft-tip, which prevents tearing of the pike`s mouth. The hand constructed carbon blank and the fast spine enable the angler to detect the slightest nibble and to counter with a perfect retrieval. The lightness of the rod itself provides for comfortable and effortless fishing. * Hand constructed Ultra-light baitcasting rods * Noble camouflage-colored EVA baitcasting handle * Silver-colored quality guides * Japanese design * Flat-black blank * Grip in carbon-optic

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