Ilgis 1.80 arba 2.40m, užmetimo svoris iki 180g, 4 dalys + 3galūnės

4-section rod – fits in most travel cases The „Nordic SEAMASTER Vario Travel“ can be used in two different lengths (1,80 m and 2,40 m). The B section can be left out, thus shortening the rod. The stabile, robust yet light Carbon-Blank makes this rod a real allrounder, be it in Norway or in Iceland – able to handle even the largest of predatory fish. The three different fiberglass tips can be switched out depending on the type of bait, weight and actual angling conditions. – Incl. 3 fiberglass tips – High composite slip-free – EVA handle – Sturdy guides + reel holder – Small transport size

Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm