Ilgis 3,00 m, užmetimo svoris 12-30g, transport. ilgis 158cm, 2 dalys, svoris 180g

Dream rods for the trendy angler! For modern artificial-bait angling, super-action – sleek – trendy – powerful – dynamic One of the nicest rod series we have ever built. Through the use of IMX-carbon, these new exceptionally light rods were created with optimal action for every type of application – in 3 different casting weights. A classy rod series with tremendous speed and balance, attractive design included. * Spin-rods for nearly all types of application * Ergonomic shaped grip * Special reel holder: the reel is situated just above the rod-blank (similar to a carving ski) – for sensitive angling – and an enjoyable landing experience * Precision guides * 2-section * Carbon-blank-construction * High quality components * Attractive and noble design * Do yourself a nice favor!

Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm