Handcrafted Viplex ONE rods comprise a revolutionary design. On top of that they are equipped with the newest generation LC – Long Cast rings and a special aluminum light construction reel holder. The new HI – Modulus Blank (high density blank) is thin and light, while at the same time possessing an ultrafast and accurate spine. In addition to this, an integrated visible Hi-modulus carbon fiber support was added to protect the rod from breaks when placed under heavy use. By combining state of the art materials we have succeeded in developing a rod series that is both unbelievably „light“ and „fast“. This provides the angler with adequate reserves given long fights and flight attempts, resulting in the fish becoming tired. Enjoy the fight. * 2-piece * Carbon-Blank-Construction FSP * Exactly balanced * Extremely attractive design – with visible carbon parts * Aluminum component handle * Extraordinary – a new generation in rod manufacturing * Light – Fast – Extremely thin – Handcrafted * Finest cork – 2-piece handle – full carbon – Long Cast Rings

Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm

2,10m, 2,40m, 2,70m