TOUCH AND FEEL INSTRUCTOR SUCCESS STARTS HERE Angling line made for the demands of the successful predatory fish angler. The CORRIGATOR Instructor belongs to the favorites with guides and instructors around the world. A line which meets high demands for example when angling on stony ground or rough waters. The enormously durable line has stretch factor of 13% – henceforth direct contact with the fish. CORRIGATOR Instructor – for a successful hook-set even from longer distances. 2 colors, two separate types of uses: The darker color, in „green/blue“ tinted line, covers fresh and salt water angling when it is preferred that the line blends in with the color of the water, eliminating „spooking“ the fish away. The „Yellow-Fluorescent“ was developed especially for the angler that wants to be able to detect the slightest bite. Regardless of whether angling in the ocean or going after zander with a plastic bait, every bite will be detected immediately on the line. -high knot strength and linear load capacity -scarcely no memory-effect -reduced stretching -flexible for long casts -100% diameter- and load capacity guarantee according to DIN ISO 2062 CORRIGATOR Instructor Color: gray/blue VE: 5 Spools in display

diameter: 0,32 mm

length: 270 m

line test: 7,7 kg