Ilgis 4,20 m, užmetimo svoris 3-9g, transport. ilgis 145cm, 3 dalys, svoris 300g.

WHISPER Live is equipped with the latest ring technology. The guides have been categorized and specifically adapted to the operating range of each rod. The guides are perfectly arranged according to their size and the distance between each of them so as to fully optimize rod action. This makes for precise and accurate casts, as well as getting the most out of the spine when going after large fish. Light, sturdy rods with a high degree of ruggedness and power in reserve for a penetrating attack and complete control in execution. Fast, with enough spine to deliver middle weight floppers to their destination. The fast tip and the sensitivity of the WHISPER MATCH make it easy to detect bites, and to speedily and securely set the hook.


Išmatavimai 100 × 100 × 100 cm