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Svarelis Trolling Q-Diver

25g x 2vnt, Nardymo gylis 2.0m

45g x 2vnt, Nardymo gylis 3.0m

70g x 1vnt, Nardymo gylis 4.0-5.0m

90g x 1vnt, Nardymo gylis 6.0-7.0m

  • Can be put almost as far from the lure as you want.
  • Different sizes for different depth
  • Easy to remove when fighting fish, so it won’t bother when landing.
  • Note! Diving Depths are valid in trolling speed 2.5-3.0 knots and diver position on line 25-30 meters from the side planer

25g, 45g, 70g, 90g


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