Spininigas jūrinis Norge Nordic Deep See 2.30m iki 300g, transport.ilgis 120cm, svoris 340g, 2 dalys

NORDIC Deep Sea – Powerful and versatile boat rod of
premium quality. The ultra-lite carbon blank features a strong spine and
sensitive tip, making this the perfect solution for deep sea fishing. Tireless
fishing over extended periods of time is possible due to its light weight.
The Model Deep Sea 100 was designed for use with a stationary reel and
the Deep Sea 200 / 300 models with multi-reel applications.
Above the metal reel-mount, there is a separate “finger space” integrated
into the EVA for a secure hold during the drill.
Specification details:
• High value Carbon Blank
• Lightweight – tireless fishing
• Sturdy metal Reel-mount (for stationary- and multi-reels)
• EVA-Handle with Fingerprint
• Durable Guide-rings
• Noble Design
• Gimbal Butt-Cap



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